AVAPP Membership

Price: From: $90.00 / month




What is the value of being an AVAPP Member?

  1. The website will have updated pension rules, pension rates, VA communications and forms.
  2. There is a webinar bank should a member need to learn specifics about a given topic such as Caregiver Agreements, Health qualifications, Qualified Service times in order to qualify for VA Pension, what specific terms mean, how to interrupt communications from the VA on a given claim, what specific forms to use in a given situation, case response samples and references.
  3. AVAPP serves as a resource for our members. We provide conference call training to our new members and their staff. We will review VA Pension rules, the most successful way to market VA pension legal services.
  4. We provide phone support to our membership on any given question
  5. We provide application reviews for our membership as needed
  6. We provide on-going webinars to our membership on given subject matter. These webinars are saved, should the members need to listen to them at a later date.
  7. We offer (2) annual conferences each year for new or existing Attorney AVAPP members at a reduced cost. We also offer (2) conferences each year for Attorney staff members at a reduced cost.
  8. Many of our members are either from small offices or one person offices. They do not have a knowledgeable staff to support their VA practice. We offer a back office partnership for our membership where we call clients on their behalf, do the intake and Pension qualification, document gathering, creating legal documents (Trust, Deeds, Promissory Notes, and Deeds to secure) on their behalf. We also submit the applications on the behalf of our partner attorneys and engage the VA and the client until the Pension award occurs.